Physiotherapy treatment of Diastasis of recti in Glasgow and surrounding areas:


diastasisRectiDiastasis of recti occurs during pregnancy as the linea alba stretches and often improves within the first 6-8 weeks post childbirth. However, in some cases, women experience ongoing core weakness due to the lack or incorrect retraining, and 1 in 3 have an ongoing diastasis of recti and rehabilitation is indicated. Diastasis can, but not always occur in conjunction with pelvic alignment issues and pain and/or pelvic floor issues.

Popular exercises like sit ups, crunches and planks can maintain or worsen a diastasis as well as returning to impact exercise prior to the core regaining functional strength.

Diastasis can occur alongside abdominal hernias. Treatment is available and can be effective even if you had your baby(s) years ago.

Check out the Fit for the Future leaflet from the POGP or 0-6 weeks videos on supportedmums.com for tummy safe exercises... Treatment may include specific exercises, splinting, advice on day to day life and progressions to return you to the life you love.  


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