The Mummy MOT service in Glasgow and Surrounding areas can be booked by yourself or as a gift.  


mummyMOTLogoWhether you've had a vaginal delivery, assisted delivery or c-section the Mummy MOT is for you!

The mummy MOT is suitable from approximately 6 weeks post natal to forever, as once you are a mum you are always a mum!!

The MOT consists of a tummy check, advice on posture and avoiding back pain, assessment of pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor internal assessment (please inform me if you do not wish this and also if you would like a chaperone present) and gentle exercises to commence with return to exercise advice and plan. Advice and information about scar tissue massage if you have had a C-section.

The mummy MOT costs £80 (plus cost of time/mileage worked out at 0.45p per mile from G69 7LU) and a written report of findings is emailed after the MOT for your information and to share with other professionals as desired. (prices effective from 1st November 2019)

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